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Recent Activities and Accomplishments

Leading the campaign to have a new Community Recreation Centre built adjacent to Sorauren Park on Wabash Avenue. Site remediation is underway and plans are being formulated for its development. For more information and regular updates, go to www.buildwabashnow.org;

Spearheading the Western Toronto RailPath initiative to convert old railway lines into a green belt "for pedestrians and cyclists" running through our neighbourhood and into the downtown core of the city;

Community input into the traffic and parking issues through a neighbourhood committee struck to assess and make recommendations;

Participation in the Parkdale Conflict Resolution Process and the Parkdale Housing Committee addressing the issues of affordable housing, illegal bachelorettes, and rooming houses. The RMRA is also linked to the Parkdale Community Watch;

Tracking proposals for residential and commercial developments through the planning department and makes representation or calls for community meetings when necessary;

Led the development of an Area Residents' Association (ARA) where residents‚ associations in Ward 14 meet to exchange developments and co-ordinate activities;

Support for the Sorauren Park Revitalization initiative;

Hosting of Town Hall Meetings with our local City Councillor, Member of Provincial Parliament, and Member of Parliament;

Sponsoring of Parkdale-High Park All Candidates Meetings for the Municipal, Provincial, and Federal elections;

Promotion of responsible alcohol use by opposing, in coalition with other neighbourhood groups, restaurants and bars that abuse their liquor licence; and, Support of the strategic plan campaigns being undertaken by the City of Toronto and working to incorporate them into our community:

Campaign to Make Housing Happen: Housing options that are affordable, permanent, appropriate, decent and safe Campaign for Next Generation Transportation: A transportation system that reduces auto dependency and moves people and goods efficiently

Campaign for a Dynamic Downtown: A downtown that supports and celebrates the dynamic business and cultural heart of the city Campaign to Green Toronto: A healthy natural environment that is evident through a network of green spaces and clean air, water and soils

Campaign for Beautiful Places: An abundance of beautiful places both man-made and natural throughout the city

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